Friday, May 28, 2010

YEAH!!! Guess who finally got all of his hair!

Keanu is so happy!!! He gave me a run for my money but I think that he turned out quite well. He even got to go outside (with the rest of his body in tow! LOL)

So what do you think, almost ready for adoption? Have to do his portfolio now! Then he can have a DOB and TOB!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Sunday, May 23, 2010

See Keanu's latest picture

He's got most of his hair now and I am pleased at how he looks. I might add a wash of raw sienna to warm him up.

There is a hair style for him that I am leaning towards on his page hope that I make it!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Friday, May 21, 2010

Keanu's got picture updates

He's coming along slowly, guess I haven'g got my grove totally back or this alpaca hair is finer than I thought, but I am working on it! lol See his progress on his personal page!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's a Boy (almost)!

Keanu Reeves is one of my all time favorite actors, did I forget to say "Hunk", and for some reason this Jannik sculpt put me in mind of him (if he was finished; tight and bright dark eyes, fair skin, full lips, dark hair and a very happy baby). He has gorgeous Lebanese features:

This is what I feel like one of his children might look with a little of mom and a lot of dad, my opinion I know, even if he doesn't put you in the moment and it's just my little vision, I like the idea of a little Keanu, let's meet him. If you are shy or easily shocked don't stare too long, cause it's a BOY! :

The Beginning...I have taken his "progress photos" with my new D 3000 Nikon :

The sculpt is Jannik by Master Artist Birgit Gutzwiller from Little Dolldreams Collection, his facial features looked so alert and screamed B-O-Y. I am reborning him using LDC permanent air dry paints. I switched his original limbs and added Sheila Michael's anatomically correct torso because it seemed that it was made for him. It has happy hands (full limbs) that look like they might say "I just want to touch everything".

Here he has had his first few layers...he will have 20mm eyes in Oriental brown (because he would have his father's beautiful dark eyes wouldn't he?)

Now he's got more coloring, he has human hair eyelashes and I have put in his eyes. I shot this yesterday right before it started getting dark outdoors and the next one outdoors from today).

His Binky is now functional, so he's very happy. Gotta do his nails and eyebrows!

All done with his nails, got them sealed off to do his eyebrows while his nails dry. This is an outdoor shot today, oddly enough it was very overcast. Thank God that I got this one right before it started to sprinkle. We've been getting a lot of rain the last few days!

I'll be back with more shortly!


He's got the sweetest little dimples...the cutest little tongue and I think that he's trying to teeth! I have to do his creases and little fat folds. Then I will start on his hair. I decided to use the natural black Alpaca  (it's beautiful just like his virtual dad's hair) on him too, it's just sooo soft. I can't wait to see the contrast with his skin tone.

So this is skinny of what I have been doing for the last few days. I told you I was getting back into my groove! LOL Well, brought you up-to-speed on little Keanu! He will have his own page like little Jack with the rest of his progress so stay tuned!  Now that I've got him started, I'll need to get started on little "Jack".

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I got my "Jack" and Tamie's done it again!

Meet little soon-to-be-reborn Jack by Tamie Yarie!
He is definitely the most adorable micro-preemie done with Tamie's master touch!! I thought that I was in love with Samiah. He's her very first EXCLUSIVE edition limited to 250, world wide!

He is so tiny and so adorable, all 12 inches of him! He even has a few little fat folds on his legs and his little face has that very newborn puffy look. Can you see them? Even the shape of his tiny head is very realistic! I've done a lot of preemies and micro-preemies and I must admit that he has more detailing than some that I have done being this tiny.
Now in the real world, we know that preemies have very little if any fat reserve, so just the hint makes him all the more cuter and healthier looking! I gave him his bath and I just have a strong feeling that he will be the start-up of my babies! I will certainly enjoy doing his skin tones with Genesis paints (he will fit in my little oven very nicely). I just love the little ones, they are so determined to survive that they put their all into making it into this world, with every breath an effort. It's a small tribute to their huge effort, the fight that many more can win now and that is why I so love to reborn them! I thank God for modern medicine, which can give them that extra push to help them through all of it.

Oh, did I say that I am excited about my art class (hehe)? I must be VERY excited, because in my excitement...I forgot to tell you what really did it for me! My instructor will teach me / her students how to make, yes I said make, my/ our own shade ranges of brown. I never did like having to depend on the "factory" made browns because when you try to enhance them they become a very muddy dull color. So, I always felt at their mercy of too much red or too much yellow. There never seemed to be a happy medium for me, work with what you have or pay the price of "stripping"! When this class is over, I will probably have a lot of colors for sale. Lol She said that she uses a very limited palette of colors to make many colors. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Her paints of choice are the Liquitex brand interesting enough, but she's going to work with the colors that I already have. I have their mediums but have never tried the paints. I thought that it was very nice of all I have to do is make a list of all of the colors that I have. Hummm, I should have that list done by June don't you think? lolrotf

Check Jack's page for his progress!!!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Tasha and Katrina get new glasses!

Well Tasha didn't like her first pair of glasses so we had to find some to her liking (I don't blame her). I thought that she looked like Mr. Peabody. So off we went...
In the mean time, we found out that Katrina was very near sighted, no wonder ever time she fell down on her face that she would start laughing! That was the only time she could see what was in front of her! lol The good news is that they are the bestest of sisters now that they can see each other!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vacation is OVER! Kits, kits, and more kits!

Getting my creative juices flowing again, finally! lol I am so excited! I had a family situation that was ongoing and honestly I became totally side tracked. That has now been resolved!

I will be taking a continued education art class for different paint mediums to improve my skin tones in my AA babies starting in June. I had the opportunity to talk with a wonderful instructor and she was so interesting and interested, being a doll collector as well, in working with me. I always feel that I never know enough and I always want to improve my painting techniques (any chance that I get) so that you as a reborn collector will never be dissappointed in purchasing my babies. I have so many in mind that I want to start, I can't make up my mind where to start (have I said that before? :0))! They are all adorable kits! For example and just to name a very few:

Jolina (awaken) by Master Artist Manuela Muth, 1st Peep by Charlotte Parry, Jiao by Adrie Stoete, Erika by Shawna Clymer, Tessa by Didy Jacobsen and Max by Tamie Yarie

I am waiting patiently on my Jayden by Claire Taylor, Jack by Tamie Yarie (I love doing preemies), Marco by Master Artist Nel de Man and Capri by Jorja Pigott (Gooooooo JORJA!!!). Debbie Henshaw of "They Never Grow Up Nursery did an amazing job on her prototype too!! Yeahhhhh Debbie!!!

In addition, I am now the proud owner of some gorgeous Suri Alpaca fiber from Renee of Black Meadow Farm in a NATURAL black from her Kona that I am dying to use, it is definitely a different finer texture which will work great for my "day old" newborns and preemies. I know that my mohair fiber is luxiouriously soft and of very high quality (from Ellen of Slumberland Nursery)with very little waste and works very well for my newborns and toddlers. The clincher is that I love the fact that it is not dyed and the color is even (no reds or white hairs that I have seen). I have had no luck with the darker colors of mohair, through time, they still seem to bleed. Okay, I guess that I am excited about everything and just need to get busy! They have all had their baths so I will be posting my before photos when I get started soon!

Don't forget to visit my website and sign my guestbook! I'd love for you to see my new look!
From my heart to yours...