Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jazmyn on eBay and see my latest secret project

Well I have Jazzie on eBay and I hope that she finds her forever home! I really think that she has so much personality, but then I guess that's just my opinion. She just didn't seem to make the grade. LOL

I am now working on two sculpts one is Crystal / Melanie by Denise Pratt and the other which has me so excited is Landon by Tammie Yarie. I am doing something totally different with this one so I won't be posting updates until she is completed as "Ayashe" which is Native American Cheyenne or Chippewa for "little one". Hint, hint... LOL

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Sunday, August 11, 2013


It took a WHILE, but I finally got her parts to match! It took so many layers, washes and time that I didn't even try to write it down, thank God that I didn't have to re-root her too!

I have redone this little girl several times and was never happy since I first did her skin tones with the air dry paints only because she wouldn't fit in my little convection oven. Yes, I have a bigger one now and I haven't used air dry paints since. LOL! Now mind you she came out perfect (as far as I was concerned) with a beautiful coffee and cream skin color (even with the stress that I was very much under, that being, the loss of my husband). However, after months of curing, I found that the paint DID NOT adhere like it should all quite by accident and to my dismay. At that point you were told not to apply any Genesis sealers over your "air drys", because they didn't think it would work well with their paints. So I stripped her for the first time. It seemed logical that they should know their product. But, Genesis is not a true oil based paint and she was ruined! Grrrrr I wanted to cry and rip my hair out, but I didn't. I just stepped away from the curve so to speak I already knew that that would be a lot less painful! Now, long story short, I stripped and stripped and stripped and stripped. Every attempt she was too red or the paint just didn't look right. I left her for dead well over a year (sarcasm) because I was so disgusted. I finally decided it's a new year, how about another try?

She has more of a chocolate skin tone than I went for but I don't care! It's fine with me, because she still looked cute with her little tooth buds! LOL She's back to her adorable self and I am finally as happy as I am going to get!

Meet little Ms. Felicia Renae'!!!
I hope that you can see why all of the agony! LOL If not...taken outdoors / partial sun
 Just look at that face and I loved how her hair rooted, it is so versatile, I just couldn't let it go!
So there you have it and now we have: 
 Now for her to find her forever mommy!
   From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Meet little Jazzie aka Candy

Well I finished Jazmyn over Felicia because of time constraints for the contest. She came out beautiful and I am working on her photo shoot now. Since she is the perfect little angel I made her the cutest little tutu outfit. I attached it to her onesie with wings! LOL I did make her look like she's crying even though she could be a happy baby, just seemed right. Well here's a preview of her new "look".

Yes, the front says "Angel"!
 How do you like her wings? It's done in a beautiful teal tulle and with her chubby legs it is just too cute!

I micro-rooted her hair with my favorite brown/black hair from Deb of TNGUN. I just love it!

She has textured skin, pierced ears, veins and 3D eyebrows and...tears. Once I get all of her photos together, I will be back on Felicia and her blushing highlights and hope to complete her very soon!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie