Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ride 4 two

Well lookie what I found!!!
 I can't wait until it gets here! I paid less for this than for Lil D's single! LOL Go figure. No matter when I can figure out how to put the "boys" in her's I will use it to transport them unless I take her somewhere, just us girls! LOL This one is bigger than hers (of course), so both can stretch out and it's supposed to be just as easy to handle, we'll see. They detach and can be used as a carrier. It will be his car seat as well. Glad that he's not the type to get car sick. They are getting along a little better. He wants to shadow her and she still wants him to disappear, but without teeth showing! LOLROTF

Next week, he gets neutered and he's lost one of his baby fangs (Thank God). It's like being attacked by little teeny tiny needles. I took both of them with me when she went for her final checkup yesterday and got an excellent report. She has about 90% of her muscle mass in that leg and she has done so well that he said let her do what she wants! YEAAAAHHHH!!! The problem with handling two now, Uggggh. She wants to be carried and he want's to tie you up in his leash. Thus, how the upper idea came into play. Funny, when I was looking for hers couldn't find hardly any, now you get a whole page of suppliers! Again, go figure.

The good thing, now I can focus on my babies again, I am biting at the bit to get started on the memory baby. She's had her bath and is all ready to go. Just have to check on some light brown hair if I don't have any left...TNGUN here I come again! Well off to see if I can setup my boutique page on my website! Wish me luck!!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Saturday, May 19, 2012


First, I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day and that you were pampered beyond your wildest dreams! All moms deserve that as far as I'm concerned! It's not the same for me so I tend to forget, seems like holidays are every other week.

I have been busy again! I have been to my first "pink party" and my sister was actually suprised! Can almost see her tears of joy (she's the one with the cap on) Trenette also did an awesome job with the gorgeous layout and the food was soooooooo scruptious! Gurlfriend can do some burnin!

 You must go and visit my newly remodeled website, I won it! I have it all finished except for my boutique. Haven't figured out how I want to set it up and make it user friendly yet so I am taking my time on that. Little Jameelah is my logo baby and Natalie of  Reborn Websets did a wonderful job setting up my pages. Wow, that made putting my site back up soooo much easier!!!

 She does such beautiful work and goes out of her way to please you! All I had to do was transfer all of my information back to the new pages! She linked all of the pages uploaded the "page parts" and I say that's the way to go! I love it, it has soft delicate look and mentioning Jameelah...

Jameelah now lives in England! YEAAAHHHH!!!

She was adopted by a previous client's daughter for her mom and it was so hard but fun keeping it a secret! Her mom wanted to do the adoption when she saw her on FB, but her daughter wanted to buy Jameelah for her. So we had to fabricate a story that she had been adopted and her teenage daughter made payments on her until she was paid for. Her mom was so suprised and I was so glad that she pulled it off until the bittersweet end! She handled it very maturely, kept in contact and was a pleasure to work with. All in all, it was a great moment and I know that Jameelah loves her big brother "Jamie". I miss her sweet little face but I know that she is in good hands!! LOL

Next good news!

It's a BOY and he's adorable!!! LOLROTF


He's about 5 1/2 months old and a rescue Shih Tzu puppy. I let my sister talk me into this! He's a challenge, very rambucious and just as cute and very smart! He has learned to sit on command and I'm trying to train both him and me to coat brushing. He's pretty much laid back, knows his crate, but he's teething and playful and so silly! We ALL know what that means, needle sharp baby teeth in your fingers, legs and toes every opportunity he can get. I have named him Lelei (pronounced LEE-lay). It's Samolian for "good", I truly hope that he lives up to his name...and so does Delylah. Right now it seems to be Lelei NO!

Another story, short version, not very happy but adjusting to her baby brother. Got to remember she's been the baby for 4 years! I just can't believe it either, seems like we just got her a few months ago, but then everything seems like only a few months ago. He loves her and she's starting to tolerate him, which isn't bad since he's only been in our lives now 2 weeks. Seems more like two months! lol He's been micro-chipped and had his shots and next...snip, snip! Then he'll be officially a member of the family! The boys just look at him, but we don't want him thinking of them as toys that he can pull out feathers, so he can look at them but "NO" touch. I try and keep him calmed down when it comes to her. She has done very well with her knee surgery and trys to do what she did before, but she's supposed to take it slow until August, yeah like telling a birdy not to fly! LOL Her hair is growing back but still looks a little funny. She has a ramp now so she doesn't have to try to jump on the bed, sometimes she forgets to use it coming down and she loves her stroller, guess I have to get him one now! LOLROTF

I have an order for a "Memory Baby" and I'm so excited, I found a pretty good match for this precious newborn with open eyes. I am going to be using "Cecilia" by Shelia Michael. The mother was pleased with my choice so I can move forward. I usually show progress updates but she prefers to be surprised so I won't be showing her progress beyond this point until he mom see's her first.

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie