Friday, March 29, 2013

Tia Faith Arrives!

Little Tia arrived to her new home and this is what her mommy had to say!

Tia Faith has arrived safely!  I cannot thank you enough!  She is beautiful!  You truly are a very talented lady!  You have given life and personality to this little bundle of joy and I will enjoy her for years to come.  Judie you have not missed a single detail that goes along with the birth of a newborn!  God Bless You!
Thanks Again,

                 Michele R
I am so glad that she got there safely! Now for Jeffery!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jeffrey"s ALL smiles!

He's going to live In Willaston South Australia Why? Because he finally

got a NEW mommy! He's all excited and he's all packed to waiting to go! I am so very happy for him and I can feel myself breath again! LOL He's the Donna RuBert's "Stinker" sculpt.

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toddler Twins on Ebay!

Please feel free to visit the girls now on Ebay in separate auctions!




Listed 1:30 pm Tuesday 3/26/13

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Monday, March 25, 2013

Yesterday it was 50 degrees today LeLie's saga

Well they finally got it right and it snowed from about 4 am until about 10 or 11 pm. Beautiful wet snow! Yesterday it was like a spring day...How's that for St. Louis weather!

 LeLei thought it was fun...

Lil D was having no parts of it, smart girl that she is.

 He ran...leaped and played and then he paid the ultimate price...
The fur attacking snow monsters got him again
Well the coat didn't do much, but it kept it off of his chest. LOL I had to put him in warm water to get the darn things to melt so I could get them off him (again). I think that he learned his 1st lesson. The snow may not be your friend after all.

Just wanted to share a little funny with you! Uhhh, it's funny now I had to go and get the little monster because he refused to move Lil D watched from the patio door all nice and warm. It was almost knee deep for me. Grrrrr.

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Little Tia has finally been adopted


I was so surprised when a lady asked about her because she fell in love with her! I never figured she'd leave because of her size. Tia's only like 10.5 inches long, she's a Kimberly Durden sculpt "Tiny Blessings". I had to make most of her little outfits, The nautical outfit is an actual dolly dress but it was just so cute on her! Although I have to admit, she's got personality plus! Those big eyes and I never know which way she's looking! As tiny as her ears are...I had the nerve to pierce them and she's got her own bed. LOL

 just waiting to go...

So "Tiny Little Tia" is going to Ohio next week! I can't wait to hear from her new mom!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Friday, March 22, 2013

I had to try it

I truly hope that everyone had a very nice Valentine's Day. It's just not the same for me, definitely a day for lovers!
So, I've been busy trying to get my taxes together so I can file, finally finished that today. I broke down and got me a "NEATDESK" and love it! I was so sick of pieces of paper here, paper there I could scream. I can see the bottom of my desk again!!! Highly recommend if you are like me, I HATE CLUTTER! 
I finally got my big "fugly" baby Jeffery on eBay, FINALLY. If you would like to visit his auction and pray for me that he gets a home real soon! LOLROTF. Here's his auction link:
Okay I went off on another direction again! LOL I haven't painted on canvas since I painted my husband's portrait about a year and a half ago. I took the class to learn how to make my own browns for my AA babies and had to paint on canvas. Not what I wanted to do, but at least I painted what I wanted to paint. Well I got a wild hair and bought a canvas just for the heck of it. I didn't know if it would work, if I could do it or if I just wasted my money. Then I remembered what my instructor told me. "They start out ugly, you just have to keep I dove in.
This is a beautiful picture of a bobcat in the snow that I thought was so beautiful! I choose it over the white wolf because I figured it would be the "big" challenge. So here we go:
The ugly...
After I drew it to scale on the canvas I looked at it for two weeks and realized that wouldn't work, So I dug out my acrylic paints by Liquitex and decided to start with the eyes. Why? I figured if I can't get them right wasn't any point in going any further. Then I started working on the nose at the same time. Another stumbling block if there is one...
The good...
Okay, I could work with this I thought. Now for the really, really big test! Her coat, which was soooo stunning to me. I just gotta do this right I thought or it's going to the trash.

The BEST!!!
I did step away to see things that I didn't see while upon it and finished her coat put in snow and this is my artist rendition! I took her to Michael's and had it framed. Another challenge because I wanted her eyes and her fur to POP! I picked out what kinda caught my eye, but I was scared.

 The Final cut! The brushed antique gold trim brings out her eyes and the brown frame makes her fur just say "touch me"!

I was never so pleased with how "she" turned out in my life! Usually I don't like what I do, but this was different! I was inspired after I started painting...finished in two days and my hand didn't let me forget! LOL So now...I have to get back to painting my babies...I have too, they've been waiting so patiently. So back to little Nadia (1st Peep)!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie