Friday, December 28, 2012

Guest Book for Tommie Johnson – Online Guest Book by St. Louis Post-Dispatch and

2012 another lonely Christmas, I could have just as easily slept through the whole thing, but it wasn't an option. I am thankful for family/friend that helped me muddle through this one. I have been working on a memory book for my husband / for me. I am going to download his guestbook into book format on his 3rd Anniversary or his birthday in May. I would appreciate if you would sign it for me until then. Here's the link:

Guest Book for Tommie Johnson – Online Guest Book by St. Louis Post-Dispatch and

Thank you and I hope that you have a very BLESSED and POSITIVE NEW 2013 YEAR! I'll be previewing my newest babies by then for sure!

From my heart to yours...Hugs,Judie

Saturday, December 22, 2012

BABY update

Went from warm to extremely windy and bitter cold here. LeLei got to see his first snow and didn't quite know what to make of it, too funny, but he quickly adjusted and Delylah (being a pro) could care less. Now it's melted, still cold and it's winter!

Well we are about to wrap this year up. Seems it went by soooo soon! I felt like I had just put up the Christmas lights from last year and it was time to get them out again. And yes again, it took everything I had to do them. It's just not the same anymore without him. I guess that it's because it was our favorite time of the year, now it just seems like another day. Then with all of the tragedies that have happened. I just don't know, people killing babies just doesn't sit well with me. To cheer me up my fav cousin sent me a beautiful poinsettia. It's so big it looks like a tree and I'm not good with these things (bummer). It's just good to have family and friends to be with during this time, but that isn't what I came here to talk to you about. Its been running through my mind, regardless, I am trying to keep an upbeat post going on here.

So stay on track Judie, stay on track! I came to show you updates on the girls. Here they are together Abra (L) and Presley Dawn. You can see the difference in their skin tones that way too!

Presley has eyelashes now. I did her hair with Slumberland mohair. Abra is still WIP but she's being done with TNGUN mohair and I have to say it but I really do like it better. Maybe because it's "kid" cut, that being the first haircut on the young goat, it's more "baby"? I don't know, but all that I've gotten from her, it simply seems softer. Now don't get me wrong I do love Slumberland's hair, but you know we all have our favs! :o)

Abra is just about completed in the front, it's wet, but I still wanted to take her pic to show you. I just love how her skin tones came out! I'm thinking more peaches n' cream? She has "flash face" from my Cphone camera, so on the next one so she looks a lot lighter than she is.

 Both of them have glass eyes. I just love the little pouty mouth on Abra and I think that she has more of a fat baby look in comparison! I can't wait to start dressing them. Doesn't look like a Christmas birthday for them.
No Presley's Lashes aren't super long. It's just the way that I angled the camera at her head so that you could see how delicate looking they are! She has such dreamy eyes don't you think? I guess that you can see her little stark bite! I made Presley Dawn a little nose scratch too, thought about doing one on her cheek but that seemed like over-kill after I thought about it (before doing it, thank God), had to clip her nails so that she won't do it again. Why do babies always end up with some kind of booboo right before a holiday picture? LOL
Can you see her lashes? Sorry about the blurry pictures, as I said, took these on my cellphone while I was working on Abra so they are not the best at the moment but you can at least see how they are progressing!
All trimmed up, she's going to sport the short wispy style and Abra will have curly hair or at least it can be styled to be curly! I'm going over her for a final inspection before she comes all together, so to speak. At this point they will be my first babies of the New Year for certain! Cooking for Christmas again. With that being said...

 I just hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a very blessed New "2013" if I don't get to post before!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Monday, December 17, 2012

Lil Abra Preview!

She's coming along and looking too cute. She's being rooted and has eyebrows now! LOL
She is Jolina (awaken) by Manuela Muth. Will bring more updates shortly!
From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Friday, December 14, 2012

Here's Pressli Dawn...almost!

Pressli Dawn has just about finished the birthing process! She almost ended up a boy, but when I put the bow in her hair...LOL Oh well, guess she's not going to be Presley! 

Isn't she precious.

Wet or dry!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Moving right along updated

Thanksgiving with my family was actually fun this year. We ate good as usual and I played a game with my sister, nieces and nephew. My sister and her husband from out of town came to visit, a real surprise. Still miss my hubby something fierce, just not the same without him, really nothing is the same. Now Christmas is coming again (this was his favorite holiday to celebrate) so I made myself go out and put up a few decorations. The weather was unbelievably beautiful and I must say it turned out pretty festive looking when I finally finished. I just kept it simple. It really looks nice because all of my neighbors houses are now decorated too!

Then I had to have my sewing machines worked on, had to get one fixed because it just wore out belonged to my mom and I cut my "sewing" teeth on it. The other brand new in comparison was a little out of timing. I am making a very big dog coat (that is very heavy) for a friend so I definitely want the older one working! That's when they made real sewing machines, now everything is disposable and plastic. LOL I broke my favorite guitar, my very firstest. Well I can't say that I broke it, broke it. It is over 40 years old and I think it just couldn't take anymore tuning! So I may just have her around me for sentimental reasons. My Ibanez has to be adjusted, got sick of that buzzing sound on the 6th string 1st fret. I just thank God that I have my Fender to practice on! LOL At first I thought that I was losing it getting another guitar, but I have never believed in coincidence.

I found the neatest brushes that are tiny and made for detailing, miniature as a matter of fact! Yes they have really tiny brush ends but the handles are regular length so don't panic! I love them!!! These works great on those tiny preemies that every loves to hate! LOL I love reborning preemies but doing detailing with toothpicks is a pain in the U no what. I found them at Wallyworld aka WalMart's! Just perfect for those hard to reach tiny spots and you get the set for about $6.00 and they are made by Daler-Rowney. I haven't seen them anywhere else as yet. You get an angle brush, spotter great for preemie nails and a curved tiny round brush, a tiny fan brush, a teenie tiny filbert great for blending out tight areas. I like them so well I had to get another set just in case this was a fluke and never to be seen again. They are just so cute and don't let me leave out FUNCTIONAL! Oh snap, I should have put a regular sized brush next to them for comparison.  I will do that, hey maybe even later today!
Okay here's the size comparison of my minature brushes to the regular size. I didn't put down the angle brush, because I think that you get the picture!

Update on the girls:
Abra and Pressli Dawn are getting rooted and it's looking good if I may say so myself. Chane'l is being slowly colored because I want a certain skin tone for her but just as a sneak peek I will show you how she's doing! A little funny looking right now, shes on her 4th layer, hasn't been heat set yet. I paint weird, I know. LOL I like to do about 5 -6 layers, if I can and no less than 4 before I heat set my paint, just seems to cut down on the shine. In order to accomplish this I let them set up for several days between layers for obvious reasons. I also like to paint my lips first and then bring the skin tones up to the lip shade that I want if I am going for darker skin color. It's just easier for me to know where I am to speak! Yeah I know...weird, but I used to have to strip and strip my lips when I tried doing them along the way or doing them last. So there really is method to my madness for my AA babies.
I've gotten numerous emails for babies so I'm excited about that. It keeps me inspired. I just got a couple more kits (like I need more). Tamie Yarie's big one "Raven" she's going to be 21 -22 inches long (I have to take her kit picture) and a couple below by Shawna Clymer " Felicia" is supposed to be 18 inches

 and "Lacey" 19 -20. They are all just too adorable for words!
More updates to come!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie