Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baby Preview update

While taking my time, I thought that I'd just give a little preview of the WIP babies
Abra (Jolina by Manuel Muth), I just love this name! She has her veins and some detailing. Loving her skin tones already. I've made all of the girls breathers.

She's got the cutest chunky arms and legs! I am deciding on her eye color now. Brown did nothing for her so I may be going with what she has in now (reborn designer glass eyes in black/blue with large pupils ) LOL. Now to finish up her detailing!

Pressli Dawn is coming along beautifully! I opted for the larger iris and pupil for her in Luminous LDC dark Grey. It made her appear more newborn like. Her hand painted eyebrows came out beautifully!
She has textured facial "skin" with a little baby drool!
Chane'l my AA baby is under development as we speak, not far enough along to show but I am excited about all of their progress!
Well back to work!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting busy

I got another guitar...still don't know how to play very well lol but I like it a lot! Still taking lessons and each time I learn a little more. Not bad for my age! It's a Ibanez V70CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar in transparent blue. Just gorgeous! Even though it's brand new I had new strings put on, because they don't hurt my fingers as bad. Ohhh, it's a Christmas present to myself. Now I have 3 guitars! My Fender, that I bought last year as my BD present to myself and my very oooooold (probably older than you) unknown maker except that it is Japanese made guitar.

Happy days!!! I am not big on politics and have to admit that I am glad that all of the election hoopla is over for the most part. I was not happy about the phone calls on my land line or cellphone, a major turn off, but not a voting deterent by any means. So that's my take on that!!!

I am starting on my next 2 babies from DD's, Jolina by Manuela Muth with open eyes is about 18 - 19 inches long.

 I am going to do this one as caucasian and Madeleine by Birgit Gutzwiller with closed eyes is going to be AA and 20 inches long.
They've had their baths and I just have to decide which skin tones I want to go with! LOL I am sure I am leaning towards a honey color for Madeleine, but if I can get darker...who knows! I am doing some experimenting with a different type of thinner so it's going to be interesting. I am definitely going to root with my dark brown from TNGUN and leaning towards brown from Slumberland Nursery for the other. I love these little faces and I know that they are going to be just too adorable!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie