Saturday, November 5, 2016

Didnt't like the new site so I'm crawling back & bringing this one back up to date

Just so it didn't look like I was totally absent from the world I am putting the posts that I did get in back on this Blog. I just couldn't get the feel for the other site and just to darned hard to remember where it was! LOL And in truth, I truly fell off of the wagon. Everytime I thought that I could get back on, it just didn't work for me. So, I stopped fighting it and just let it go. Needless to say I have a long way to go to catch up, but I am working on it! Starting with the last two years!


This year has gone by so fast for me, I honestly don’t know what happened. I just figured that I needed to take a sabbatical or something to refocus my energies! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of pressies! The holidays and especially Christmas / New Years is not a good time for me. However, I must admit, this Christmas is the first time since my husband’s passing that I actually enjoyed cooking. Family came, we ate very well as I cooked too much, but we did have a great time playing games and doing a coloring contest (some doth protest, but ended up enjoying it)! So did the furry nephews and niece (with my two) 5 dogs and a puppy LOL Anyway, not making any more pledges, I will just try to keep updating my blog and hope that people still read it. 2016 has got to be better so I hope that you and your family have a very blessed and prosperous New Year! See You Next Year and much LOVE!


First I will bring you up-to-date.
Why I am so far behind blogging? After updating my work area, photography studio…I worked very hard on getting babies ready for a show in Denver this past July. Not an easy task, wanting to show them was just so hard not to do. It was my first real road trip in a long time! I was stressed, but excited at the same time. Then, we (my family) started losing cousins. Since January we have averaged a cousin lost every two months. Let’s just say that it didn’t help my stress level, not one bit. The last one was in August. They were all close cousins, all of them. Ranging in age 22 to 70 years of age. So my heart was heavy, especially with the 22 year old. She was going to graduate from nursing school this past May, dying suddenly and leaving behind her young son. I still don’t do well with losing family, it just reminds me of what I am trying so hard to move along from, it’s so very hard.
Denver was interesting, my sister, Lil D (my baby) and I drove straight through from Missouri and back. We were already warned that there wasn’t much to see…they were right, we got excited about seeing the windmill farms! LOL Lots of rolling grassy hills a few horses and cattle, even saw a tiny herd of buffalo. So, there you have it, grass, grass and more grass! The show setup was beautiful and huge, but being in it’s infancy stage there were a few hiccups that made it a little difficult to be at your best! I have to admit, I actually did get to shop this time and didn’t get everything that I wanted because I didn’t get to see every supplier(a good thing, because there was only so much room in my little SUV), but I did get a nice little haul besides my supplies! I purchased 7 kits (Bonnie Brown’s “twin A & B”, Marita Winters “Denver Rose”, Laura Tozio-Ross’s “Vincent”, Bountiful Baby’s fairy twins “Clover & Jasper” and an older kit Dimples by Melissa Palesse! They are all just ADORABLE!!
I have started on the little fairy baby twins, I just couldn’t resist. Jasper is wide eyed and curious and Clover is just snoozing as twins do! I have their little wings, outfits and everything ready. I will be painting them with a permanent air-dry paints that I am totally in love with…Miracle Blends. They are just awesome!! I will have babies on my “Available Babies” page that have been done with these wonderful paints.
There were tons and tons of beautiful babies and awesome talent! I just hope that one day I will be able to afford one of Laura Tozio’s silicone babies. The word gorgeous just doesn’t come close to her babies!!! I now have faces with names, I got to meet the lovely Debbie Henshaw (TNGUN) I use a lot of her beautiful mohair for my babies, pretty Julie Beck and her lovely babies and a lot more new faces and friends. I have lots of pictures! As well, all of the sculptors that I met were so gracious! Claire Taylor, Bonnie Brown, Donna RuBert (so funny!!!) and she personally autographed Taleya’s body after making a very lovely compliment, Marita Winters, and of course Laura Tozio-Ross and her very beautiful family!
Marita Winters:
Debbie Hensaw 
Julie Beck & my baby
Laura Tozio
Donna RuBert
Sorry this is so long and I know too well that it’s been a while and September is not a great month for me. No matter, I have made up my mind to get back in the saddle “and get out of my own way”. I will keep you more up-to-date with my babies."

I am so excited that I finally got my blog moved closer to my website (so to speak). I just wanted you to know that it’s a new location and I am working on getting the available babies on site! I have finally got shelves up, supplies have a home now, getting rid of my home gym that I know that I will never use again, for my photo studio, that will be independent of the nursery!! YEAHHHH!!
I also have a new one, a tiny one, a micro-preemie! I just love doing micro-preemies! Her name is Philana (“Zane” sculpt by Marita Winters), she’s just adorable! She has beautiful skin tones by using Jo Sonja’s permanent air dry paints. Just a teaser. She is 10.5″ long, weighs 14 ozs.,  has “milk mouth”, sporting a cutely styled clear cap strawberry blonde mohair wig (just for change), custom sewn outfits and more!

I have most of the available babies photos done, now I have to figure out the photo gallery! Never a dull moment…"
The really wonderful part about the doll show in Denver is that I got to take my baby "fur" with me. She was a hit in her own little stroller. I do have some babies to put on here and they are on my website which I was also sadly neglecting. I am getting excited because, I am trying out new air dry paints "Baby FX and Miracle Blend Paints" and the powders. I have so much more, but for today...

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

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