Monday, August 18, 2014

Well I don't know what to say...

I have been away for awhile, yes I know. In truth l really lost my momentum. I just stopped. I thought if I just took a break...I had hoped to get it together, but I got lost. I knew that I had to try and make my way back, because I truly love reborning! Why I even ordered a few kits (so all is not lost LOL) while on my sabbatical! I finally did something (over the last few months) that I hope gives me a new and fresh perspective. I remodeled (overdue) my nursery work area. I felt closed in and uninspired, a table for this and a table for that got to be too much. Then I would get something new and just toss it on a table, it just didn't seem to matter.  Even with the babies that were finished, I found myself just looking at them! I have felt it coming on for months.That is the bottom line. I hope that the new change brings about a change and I hope that you can forgive me!

This was my work station:

This is my new work station:

Yes, I know a stark contrast for sure! Now individual tables are gone! It's opened up and much more organized. I worked very hard to get it here and I hope that you like it as much as I do. I am resting up (not that long)! Lol  It was a lot of hard work that I did by myself, so I have truly earned it (I'm not that young anymore)!

I also have neglected my website and I am going to take care of that next. Promise! On the lighter side, if you read anything that looks weird. I was experimenting and tried this on my "smartphone". I don't think that was such a great idea, but I made it! :-)

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie