Monday, October 27, 2014

I have finally, finally got organized...I hope! Meet Taleya

This is the "Annie" kit from BB by Donna RuBert. She's a chubby baby weighing a whopping 8 lbs. even. She's 24"  (26" knees bent), Soft glass MP eyes in "smokey topaz", she's a breather, no magnet, tear ducts and I did some texturing on her elbows and knees (I still think it's a tad rough for my liking), neck and back armature. She has appropriate veining and a real cutie with her caramel color skin tones! I have to admit that she was a job, rooting all of that hair, but I had a certain look that I wanted for her and yes...I thought that I would never root again. LOL I think that I will stick to wispy micro-rooting and newborns...much easier...but I have to do one more toddler sized kit...Fei Yen's coming up soon but I will do my favs (preemies and micro-preemies). Need to get busy for the Rose International Doll show next year in Denver! I still have a few things that I think that I am going to adjust on her, but other than that I really love how she turned out!

  Taleya is the equilent of a 9 month old. Wears a size 2 shoe and in clothing, comfortably wears 6 - 9 months.

I hope that you enjoy her and I will be updating...hugs!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I have made a big dent in getting the rest of my "stuff" put up, but I still have a few things that I am going to have to work out as far as it's new home. I don't have nearly as many hidey-holes as before! So it will take some ingenuity on my part. Mostly, I have a lot of kits that are begging for attention! LOL I think that I am OCD to a degree, I have to have everything where it belongs or I just can't paint! I AM plugging along so that there are no more excuses! Bear with me! As Arnold Schwarzenegger says...I'll be bock! Hahaha!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Well I don't know what to say...

I have been away for awhile, yes I know. In truth l really lost my momentum. I just stopped. I thought if I just took a break...I had hoped to get it together, but I got lost. I knew that I had to try and make my way back, because I truly love reborning! Why I even ordered a few kits (so all is not lost LOL) while on my sabbatical! I finally did something (over the last few months) that I hope gives me a new and fresh perspective. I remodeled (overdue) my nursery work area. I felt closed in and uninspired, a table for this and a table for that got to be too much. Then I would get something new and just toss it on a table, it just didn't seem to matter.  Even with the babies that were finished, I found myself just looking at them! I have felt it coming on for months.That is the bottom line. I hope that the new change brings about a change and I hope that you can forgive me!

This was my work station:

This is my new work station:

Yes, I know a stark contrast for sure! Now individual tables are gone! It's opened up and much more organized. I worked very hard to get it here and I hope that you like it as much as I do. I am resting up (not that long)! Lol  It was a lot of hard work that I did by myself, so I have truly earned it (I'm not that young anymore)!

I also have neglected my website and I am going to take care of that next. Promise! On the lighter side, if you read anything that looks weird. I was experimenting and tried this on my "smartphone". I don't think that was such a great idea, but I made it! :-)

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Friday, April 18, 2014

Why MIA again? Really?

I know it's been a few months! Wow how time is flying, but once again a lot was going on, never the less I won't go into boring details! Yes, I got behind on my blog and website...again! LOL However, eventually I had a legit reason...I lost my passwords! :o( One of those "put them in a safe place moments" when we were having all of the really bad weather. The you don't know where you might end up kind? I finally found it! Whaaawhooo!!! It was soooo safe that I didn't remember where, but I knew it was in this house, right where I put it! Now, let's get somewhat caught up!

In the reborn world, I finally got "Bridgette" (Amy kit by Sandy Faber) back, LOLROTF she went to New York twice in one week. The photographer and I were both sweating bullets! Shissh, what a nightmare! Don't I said a lot was going on, some good some not so good! She did an AWESOME portrait of her, so it will go with her when she's adopted! I can't wait to see her and all of the beautiful "Amy's" in the professional photographer Jamie Diamond's  "Amy Reborn Project"!

 No, this is my photography saw it before! LOL isn't she just adorable in her little nautical outfit!
Several babies were adopted from the nursery, Toddlers: Felicia Renae', Pressli Dawn, Preemie Ayashe nka Kimi the Indian baby just to name a few!
Back in February, to cheer myself up, I purchased (for my personal collection) and to use as a photo prop, a mommy doll to hold some of my reborns, while Bridgette was having fun running back and forth to New York. She's "Kathryn" by sculptor Monika Peter-Leicht 46" tall (almost as tall as me, almost!) and her first bride doll (beautiful gown, flowers, shoes and veil that I put away). I didn't think that she would look nice holding a baby while in a bridal gown, now would she! Kathy is initially a Ltd. Ed. sculpted for Masterpiece Dolls 2011. I love her mature looking face! Kathy's wonderful to pose with her 11 ball joints, has a stand if needed and I mean heavy. I swapped out her original wig, just didn't grab me, found her some adult looking clothing and here she is holding little Bridgette!
Original wig was cute, just looked dull and...wiggie foofoo? in real life LMBO
Her she is with Bridgette, new hair Light Brown with Ginger highlights and glasses! She can even wear pigtails if I want
I've ordered "lots" of micro-preemie kits okay, a few more than usual, too many to name (Kendall by Stephanie Sullivan, Landon by Tamie Yarie, Lewis by Tina Kewy, Chance by Sabine Hansen  Rosebud, by Cindy Musgrove, Caleb, by Heather Boneham), sorry couldn't help it! They are just so tiny and cute!! You know how I love doing them! Not to mention newborn sized kits! I've got to get more babies done because I want to attend the Rose International Doll Show in July, 2015 and fill up my website again!!! I've never been to Denver and I know it's a long drive. I just hope that I have my cousin coming with me, like she said and "Lil D" my girl is going along too!! LeLei will have to visit with his auntie while we're gone! Why? Dolls and 2 pups...nahhhh 

Next, I have decided to start using my air-dry permanent paints again for 2014! I just love the fact that I won't have to do all of that "baby baking". LOL I will be applying a Genesis matte sealer as my final touch so that I can do the textured skin technique! I don't think that it will work with the air dry paints at all. I just love the colorings that I can achieve, especially for my darker skin tones much better, than with Genesis and I don't want to forget how to use them. The technique is quite different. No! I will not stop using GHSP, but I will be more flexible with my painting once again!

 Last and most important, I finished my "Memory Baby"of "Leah Marie" and I needed to have permission to show her off. Her mom was thrilled non-the-less and gave me permission! So here she is:
I drafted a post back in February but never posted it oooops:

I think that this one speaks for itself

she has a "heart" birthmark on her tummy, so if through time, the red heart eventually comes off one way or another...

 I personalized her baby blankie with an teddy bear angel motif  :o)

posing pretty...
 Just so adorable
Beautiful Baby "Leah Marie" and her likeness...which ironically looks a lot like the baby photo of Leah's mom. WOW!
This was her mommy's initial message that I am sharing via many email correspondences. Over the past few months, we have developed a compassionate understanding of one another’s loss...
Ok I finally opened it. And I thank you for everything. I just LOVE the dress especially the crosses. I love the little poems. Even though I did cry a little. She looks and feels so real. pictures doesn't do her justice. I love the little clothes and everything. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! maybe this first will be a little easier because now I have her to hold and cuddle. Mama said she looks like her except for the eyes being opened. I thank you again. and I want you to know I am completely satisfied. and grateful. I also recorded opening the doll. I figured you just wanted the doll if not I'm sorry. I knew it was going to take forever to get through all the little packages because of the babies. As soon as I can figure out how to send you the video from my phone I will send it to you.

 She wrote a very touching one just for my website!

I am just thrilled that this "baby" which can never replace her Leah Marie, gives her comfort, even if it's just a little...

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie