Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Jeffrey is now officially an Australian!!



Received: Tues., April 9, 2013 4:46 AM Hi Judie... Well my little man has finally arrived to me in Australia,I am totally in awe of his sweetness, cuteness and adorability.. You have done an amazing work of art in reborning him, And love his Blue eyes, even though I was told they were Brown..You have also done an amazing job of presenting him in his box with all his goodies, to me it was just like xmas opening all the parcels..I thank you so much for his reborning so I can now have the pleasure of being his new Mummy, I love the birth certificates as well... Jeffrey is now sitting in his new stroller with a huge smile on his face and watching TV :) The weather here is warm so I have taken his winter clothing of..I will be changing him soon into his pyjamas ready for bed.. Many Thanks again.. Kind Regards... Shirley & Jeffrey :)

I have to laugh, never had this happen before because his eyes are "supposed to be ebony brown from Masterpiece Eyes. I did look at them once she mentioned that they looked blue and depending on the light there was a lot more blue, but I promise, they were brown! Then while looking at another picture I took, they do look blue, weird, who knows.

LOL Maybe while waiting so long for a mommy crying made his brown eyes blue...Just happy that she's happy!!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie www.loveisforevernursery.com

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Twins have been officially adopted!

 and they are shipping home today! That soon being France! YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!

That was the biggest box and the heaviest that I have ever had to wrap to ship, but she wanted them in one box. Luckily I had one that would work! NO MORE TODDLER twins! Now I will chew on my nails until Jeffery makes it to Australia and Paris and Raven make it to France. Ump, dolls are going places that I wish I could go, but hopefully with a lot less hassle! Maybe one day! LOL

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie www.loveisforevernursery.com

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Pun intended!

Well officially but not official yet, I am excited to say that Paris is going to France, but she was looking soooo sad! LOL It was touch and go but I am really happy to say the girls won't be split up. They are going together! Their new mommy to be actually bid on Paris and won, but later communicated that she wanted her sister as well! I won't say that it's officially official until (LOL) I see da money! It's gonna be one heavy box with these girls! She has been communicating with me on numerous occasions so I think everything will turn out fine...eBay...now that's another story.
Well, in the end hope to have happy, happy news about them traveling to distant lands! Boy I bet my husband would have loved to hear that. This year I have covered the Ukraine, US, Canada and now France Truly I am glad that they get to go together. Now...just wait...

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie www.loveisforevernursery.com