Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I am so EXCITED! I got my own DELIVERY!!

OK, ok! LOL I finally did it! As a gift to myself and add to my own personal collection, a 2nd reborn, but in silicone!!!

ok, wow. I have gotten a beautiful full-sized baby by Michelle Fagan, not full body (silicone) but I don't care! These pictures do not do anything for her cuteness! She was well taken care of by her previous mommy and I am over the moon! She had to regretfully give her up for personal reasons and I do understand. Don't get me wrong, I have had micro-preemie silicones (Gemma who was adopted) and still have my LTD. Ed. Kiyah...but never a BIG baby!..ok, I know enough talking! LOLROTF

She came with adorable little goodies!
a beautiful warm blankie!
now let's meet Desiree:
when she arrived she had on the sweetest little outfit with little leggins!

Awwwwww! She's soooo cuddly cute, filled with baby fat pellets...squishy soft! She has a cloth body (2005 that's what we had), that has been autographed by Michelle! She's a little over 6 lbs. and 22 inches long. Desiree has a wonderful cuddle factor and just as cute as a button! Did I already say that? She has 1/4 arms and 3/4 legs. She has the most precious fat chubby legs and thighs! Am I a proud mommy or what!

Let's get you all gussied up and warm! She has beautiful dark brown hair, just a little thin in back but I've seen real babies with that so it just fits and beautiful brown eyes. Oh and I couldn't resist piercing her ears! She wasn't real happy about that!

I was so happy! She can accept a modified pacifier!!! Yeah!!!
all settled in...I think that she will like it here.

and she's just as pretty in pink! I am so glad that she's mine now...and I'm going to take good care of her!

 Well back to work, gotta get Nadia (1st Peep) into her next phase of color!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie www.loveisforevernursery.com

Friday, February 8, 2013

3 Beautiful angels and more!

Here are some of the most beautiful angels in the world! They truly have the cuddle factor! Here's the highlights on these girls!
Abra (Jolina) sculpted by Manuela Muth has Designeraugen glass eyes (black/blue) that are just awesome with her hand applied eyelashes! She has 3/4 limbs and is 19 inches long (knees bent). She's breather and was  micro-rooted with some fabulous "Dark Neutral" brown baby soft hair from TNGUN. She has her ears pierced has veining and a wonderful baby scent. She weighs  3 lbs. 11 ozs. and the sweetest angel this side of Heaven!
Pressli Dawn was Cecilia sculpted by Sheila Michael is just a beautiful newborn! Gorgeous LDC Designer glass eyes (antique Grey) just sparkle with her hand applied light brown eyelashes to accent! She's a breather, with micro-rooted wispy "Medium brown" hair from "Slumberland Nursery". She has little baby scratches on her nose and cheek, so her nails were just trimmed! With 3/4 limbs she is 18 inches long (knees bent) and her ears are pierced. She has the cutest (non-popping) spit bubbles  and a wonderful baby scent She weighs 4 lbs. 5 ozs. and truly one that is angel sweet!
Chane' l was Madeleine sculpted by Birgit Gutzwiller has gorgeous honey brown textured skin, closed eyes, 18 inches long, 3/4 limbs, a breather, Micro-rooted with gorgeous Dark brown / black mohair baby soft hair from TNGUN head and hand rooted eyelashes, ears are pierced, and her nails have that just trimmed look. She has (non-popping) spit bubbles! Along with veining and textured skin! She weighs 4 lbs 2 ozs. with baby scent! She is truly a little angel that anyone can love! All babies have Bountyful Baby doe suede bodies! They are now on my website and available for adoption! I've had so many inquires about them, I just stopped their portfolios and did a collage of what was done just to get them on there! LOL
On a sad note, I am going to redo poor little Felicia just one more time I just cannot make myself like her skin tones, I tried but no matter what I am told, just can't (Type A/B personality for sure). ON an upbeat note...I just love how her hair turned out. I don't want mess it up either! She became a headache when the air dry paints that she was done in (initially beautifully I might add) refused to stick/cure, so it's been a losing battle to get back to the skin tone like it was with them.  Hummm, she looks even worse to me in this picture, UGGGGGGHHHHHhhhh, it's truly a done deal! REDO cause she despirately needs a home with a forever mommy!!! (not funny)

 I also started in on 1st Peep by Charlotte Parry as an AA baby. I've been waiting to do her for like forever! I think that she's gonna be adorable!!!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie www.loveisforevernursery.com

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Well it's that time again! Start my Gee-Tar lessons tomorrow for the 4th round! I have faith that one day I will be able to play a full song! LOL

Have a very blessed weekend!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie www.loveisforevernursery.com