Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cuddles WIP now Paris

Sorry I took so long for her update. I have been working quite a bit with "little" Cuddles and another AA baby now named Lashawn. I hope to show a few pics of him soon, but I have to wait because he's also been a slow process, thank God not nearly her size! LOL I work on her, I work on him, I work on her, work on her, I work on him.
 Not good at multi-tasking right now, I just miss my hubby so much it's hard to stay focused for any length of time. No matter...I will make myself focus, today I did just that.

If you remember, I was talking about the grayish hue that the kit had and that it had everyone upset? Well, layer by layer, inch by inch I have been developing her skin tones to where I want her.

These are her progress photos:  BEFORE

This was the comparison to the "peach" and what she looked like as Bountiful Babies "peach" next to Bountiful Babies peach "Kate" and a tummy plate.

Here she has had her base layers established...humm what shall I call her?
now she is just about where I want her skin tones!
Meet Paris!!!
How about these eyes! The color is Tempest *Masterpiece Eyes and I think that they are very striking. When she gets her lashes and eyebrows I think that will really bring them out. I just had to give her bigger eyes. They call for 22 mm but I went to 25mm in the soft sculpt eyes. I didn't want to open the back of the eye sockets and the 22 mm seemed to float around in her head. They filled in nicely and I don't know but I do like the contrast with her skin (at least for the moment).

What is really neat..these eyes have the veined look so they really look natural! I got them a while back just to see what they looked like. At first I was like ughhhh, kinda creeped me out. Then I thought, "crap I don't have anybody for these eyes" and I hide them away until now then voila' they have a home! Once inserted the veins are very suttle, I had to get really close just so that they would show up here. I could only hope.

Soon as she gets all of her layers done (hopefully before the week is out) because, I am just dying to see her with AA human hair that I have wanted to use for over a year now. Just never saw the right candidate to use it on. I will probably be sorry before I am done. It has a tight curl and I really think that it will suit her! Oh and hopefully baby Lashawn (which is Hebrew for "God is gracious"). I like that it has a nice ring to it! LOL

See you with more updates!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie