Sunday, February 20, 2011

I got my Cuddles and she's a biggin! LOL

First I hope that you had a lovely and Happy Valentine's Day with your special sweetheart! Mine wasn't, it was the first one I have been alone for in 34 years and it was one of worst and the most depressing week of my life next to losing him. I miss my husband terribly. I missed the roses, the card, the little box of candy and the occasional stuffed animal, I miss him so much.

Now I really need to speak on something more upbeat and cheerful. I think that this will work. I shot little Teddy's portfolio then updated "aka Jack" and that helped.

Then I got Cuddles and gave her a bath. OMG, she's unbelievably huge! .I think that she has an adorable face! Her head is almost the size of mine with big chubby thighs and fat little hands! LOL Her "kit" skin tone has a bluish/gray hue which is upsetting some a lot of reborners! I am going to work with her and hope for the best with her "going-to-be" ethnic, I don't think it will be a real problem.
I have a perfect little dress that finally has an owner. I never had a kit with a head that would fit the little hat until now! Good thing I got a bigger oven and I still have to lay her head down LOL I had to shop for her a little for another adorable little dress even before I start on her, I am so excited! Out of all the tons of baby shoes I have I had to go buy her some of those too. This baby-to-be wears an unbelievable size 3 comfortably, she can fit some size 2 shoes with a little fight.

Just so you could see how big her head is, I did a size comparison to Kate also from BB by Marissa May. She will be 20 inches long and is a Peach kit with a head circumference approximately 14 1/4 inches opposed to Cuddles, by Donna RuBert, 26 inches long, (bent legs 24” toddler) a Peach kit approximately circumference 16 inches (that I will be measuring soon for accuracy). 

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jack is now Teddy!

Nice way to start out the year!

I have made myself get back on track and finally finished little Jack now known as Teddy. It seems so funny, once I got started on him I didn't want to stop.  I will post his updated photo shoot on his "Jack" page. I am so excited, he turned out so well!
I have ordered "Cuddles" (of whom I did fall in love with) from BB because I am just dying to try out this AA human hair that I bought last fall. I didn't have a sculpt in my collection that I felt it would work for and this sounds like a Bigggg toddler. I am so looking forward to trying it! I have a feeling that she's going to look just adorable with a little curly Afro, even if it takes me 6 weeks to root her! I just hope that her head isn't too big for my convection oven! Now that would be ugly! LOL
I hope that they don't mind, but had to temporarily borrow BB's "un-reborn" photo until she comes! She's the first of  Donna RuBert's Fabulous Quad Series. Cookie, Ladybug and Kitten followed, but I liked her expression the bestest! She's 24 inches with her chubby knees bent but is supposed to work out to a whopping 26 inches with 3/4 limbs. Cuddles and her sisters are the equivalent of  9 or 12 month old toddlers.

Little Keanu enjoys his new home with his new mommy, they both attended the art show with me! Mentioning art, I have started a new session for my art class. This time I am doing portrait paintings of my husband. I just hope and pray that I can really do him justice and it doesn't turn out like a caricatures of him but an actual dimensional paintings.
From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie