Monday, June 11, 2012

Last month...I forgot to post this..oh well

June was not user friendly at all. Guess it was to much to deal with, so to bring you up to date, I will just post it...a month later. Don't know what happened that it was saved as a draft. LOL

It has been a horrendous last week. Not all bad but just as nerve frazzling! Monday no TV, phone or Internet service, I misplaced a money order, thought I made confetti of it in the shredder. Thank God I hadn't, found it still in the copier. Tuesday ran a few errands finally get everything I went after and decide to make one more stop, big mistake. A little old lady plows in the back of my (husband's) car while it was parked and I was in the store shopping. That hurt me so bad, but thank God she has insurance and they are going to fix it.Wednesday my next door neighbor's garage went up in smoke, their car caught on fire and I was still having service problems, but finally got it all straight that evening. Thursday,  they knock out my TV again working on my next door neighbor's service. Grrrrrr! Nobody ever does anything wrong, but it always ends up being in the box that they work on everybodies connected service. Go figure? Then Friday I took the photos of the fire to my next door neighbor after they wouldn't go through email, leave the babies in the backyard for about 10 minutes, come back ...uhhhh where is Lelei? Call him, after searching the very wide open yard and thinking the worst, because he's nowhere to be seen and Lil D could care less. Wow, he's still got his little stitches (got neutered last week), positive thought he's micro chipped...didn't work. I go tearing out the front door and who's on the front porch? Didn't know if I wanted to kiss him or fan his little fanny! None the less we were happy to see each other. Lil D...had other thoughts LOL
For the really good news:
My memory baby is starting to evolve, with everything that was happening last week. I am working on her even more slowly than normally. I am really liking her skin tones leaning more towards the P & C look right now. I have the perfect mohair ready for rooting and I think that her lip shades are just right...but time will tell.

Lil D and Lelei are doing better and really enjoy their double ride! LOL I have to do updates so that you can see her better too.

Well here they are standing / lying side by side. This is close as it gets right now. LOL
Well gotta go to sleep, we have to get up early to get those stitches out!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie