Monday, March 29, 2010

My New website is under construction!

Urrrrggggggggggggggggggghhhh!!!! I am so behind but I am happy to say that I am beginning to see the light, or a light or some one's penlight, but a light nevertheless! I miss doing my babies and grouping!

It has been a nightmare (as usual). I taught myself how to do the HTML on the pages, but sizing this and tables for that...yadayadayah NO CLUE. I just wasted money buying a program that was "supposed" to make that easy with "drag N'drop"...yeah so they said! lolrothf I stopped (babies, forums) everything fooling with this bright idea for several months and finally it hit me, lets say that I had a revelation...I don't like designing (or in my case trying to design) WEBSITES!!! DUHHHHH I can now truly say this with great honesty, even though I continued to try being too stubborn to give up. lolrothf It is like reborning you have to love it, I didn't, I don't! That is definitely NOT my thing!

Why did I want to change? To start, this new one is my third "I need a change" website since 2005. The previous two were both done in lavender and seemed more oriented to girl babies. My nursery was re-done in peach with splashes of lavender and I needed a new color website change for 2010! So, the website has been completely redone in peach (thank you, thank you and God Blessy you Natalie), but it may depend on your computer as to what color it looks like (it ain't orange baby) lol and I think, represents both sexes. Now don't get a couple of might see those lavender pages again!

I have been working feverishly and literally day and night getting my new website put together since I "had it customized". I really love it, I owe so much thanks to Natalie of Reborn Websets! Very pleasant, easy to work with, just a wonderful and understanding lady, an angel in disguise!
You can see her work at

Well I just had to let you know that I miss you but I gotta get back to work, cause I want my dolly life back!!! I hope that you will visit and sign my guestbook to let me know that you visited and what you think!!! Hugs!!!

From my heart to yours...