Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dealing With Difficult Customers- Auctiva Learning Center

I found this article to be very informative when dealing with the variety of customer personalities that you and I will encounter. I hope that you will too!

Dealing With Difficult Customers- Auctiva Learning Center

Well, Matilda, 1st Peep and Lorna Mae are patiently waiting my decision of my skintone choices for them. I hope to have it figured out by the weekend. I am sure I want to try a peaches n' cream complexion, one will have mottled skintones and one I think will be ethnic, just haven't totally decided yet.

My final piece came!!!!! I finally have my set completed!!!!! "Sisters Forever" are finally all together!!!!

From my heart to yours...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting back on track

Gotta get back on track. I have decided to re- reborn Felicia Renae', I just I really didn't care for her coloring, I wasn't feel it. I have 3 kits washed and ready to go. I will post them a little later. Got a new laptop (love it, my birthday and Christmas to myself! I am also waiting on my Sisters Forever, the final piece to my set!!!!! YEAHHHH)! Now, I'm trying to get all of my favorite sites and programs on board. Slowly but surely getting there.

From my heart to yours...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making her début

You remember having met the other girls: Sexy yet mysterious Dasia, little mischievous fairy Panya lastly stylish and sophisticated Anya.

Now meet Kachine (pronounced kuh-chay-nay) an American Indian Princess, who walks with the spirit of the buffalo. Her name means "sacred dancer" and dance she does for her people are in need of food to survive the fast approaching cold winter months.

Like Dasia, Panya and Anya I have designed her gorgeous customized ultra suede outfit. I'm going to stop with her for now and get back on my babies. The holidays are fast approaching, but I just had to finish her. She turned out even better than I had hoped.

From my heart to yours...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Debit Card Scare!

WOW! What's Next?
I got a call today saying that my debit card had been temporary deactivated on my cellphone. They tell you to press 1, I accidently disconnected the call (with these new fangled phones), thank God! So I called my credit union, because I had just activated my new card and couldn't figure it out because I never remembered giving the credit union my cellphone number. I also withdrew $20.00 with no problem during the activation. She right off said that it's a SCAM and just hang up! My credit union rep. said they will call person to person and not ask for information (which would have made me think why do you need it when you have it) I also understand neither does your bank. Then when hubby came in he said he had also just gotten the same kind of call on his cellphone, he just hung up!

Just be careful!!! If you are in doubt, call your bank or credit union directly!!!!!!
From my heart to yours...