Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A CUTE new edition to the family

Believe it or not, I haven't been totally immobilized and staring into space and wasting time. Not necessarily in this order, but I have attended a funeral, did some kit painting, rebuilt a ramp, having a tree cut down and stump removed, cleaning up the stump area and planting mums where the stump used to be (decided against another tree, but it looked so naked), cleaning gutters, mowing and fertilizing the lawn and finding out why it was raining inside my kitchen bay window as much as outside, taking the pup to the vet again and this time for xrays because he's still limping when he gets up from a nap or in the morning! Everything but the tree, stump and funeral I did by myself, oh and the xrays (hehehe). Whew and I'm not getting younger day by day! LMAO Now I hope things will settle down at least for a little while. I treated myself to a new camera lens 300mm and loving it! Enough jabbering!

I want to introduce you to another new edition. Enjoy!


HOPEFULLY you remember that Kiwi (my chimp) has felt pretty lonely for his own kind for a while. Oh he has many friends there are gorillas, koala bears, Teddy-bears and Snoopy too! But...still he felt so alone.

Feeling so bad for him missing his cousins and all (Nema and Deka) I felt that I must do something! After searching around the world, my eyes fell upon a tiny little orphan girl with no name. Merely a few weeks old she had lost all of her family due to heartless poachers. They left this baby clinging tightly to her dead mother. Luckily a well-meaning passerby saw what had happened and went about checking for other possible life...sadly there was none, only this poor hungry tiny baby with barely a flicker of life. They quickly rushed her to the nearest primate compound that takes care of these special orphaned babies.

She was a pitiful little sight when I saw her. Just skin and bones but this baby had the biggest beautiful hazel green eyes that sparkled like the sea on a moon lit night. When she looked back at me and gripped my finger like there was no tomorrow with those tiny hands, stick a fork in me I’m done, I knew that I had to have her. It took a while getting paper work and getting her to eat in order to gain her strength and weight back. Soon she reached 2 lbs, we packed all of her little things, a ton of special formula and enough diapers and blankets for the long trip. We wanted her to feel as secure as possible. While I was there waiting, I got as much input as I could for a name for her, Lucky, PeeWee, Tinkerbell but nothing seemed to fit. Finally my friend Cindy came up with a perfect name, we called her LuLu and she grinned like she knew it was her name.

Then we arrived back home!!! What a happy day for all of us! Kiwi started in with a high pitched scream so loud that I thought that he would wake the neighbors. Little LuLu (I call her LuLubug because she's still so tiny) squealed with joy and they have been inseparable every since.

Kiwi just adores her and she, him. Maybe it's because they are a kindred spirit?

she just loves to be tickled by her big brother

He grooms her, feeds her and if they are out of one another's sight, there is hell to pay!

He leaves the bathing and dirty diapers to me, hummm. Seems like I'm getting the dirty end of the deal?

LuLubug is so much happier, thriving wonderfully, she seems to know that she is safe now.

She's even learning to play with new friends

He picked out her favorite monkey toy all by himself and she just loves it! Of all things "Curious George".

Sometimes I think that he thinks he'll regret that choice

Ohhhh, I find that she is also a little camera hog...

like her brother. I shoulda named her Ms. Piggy!

Only 2 lbs 7 ozs. she thinks that she can eat whatever her brother eats.

Not on that delicate little tummy yet LuLubug!

So tiny, so sweet, so innocent.

No more nightmares or being afraid of being all alone when she sleeps in her brother's strong arms.

You are home now LuLubug and I'm going to watch over you.

Your brother Kiwi
I really and totally had fun reborning her! I think it helped that she was preemie sized and I love baby chimps (with their family). I hand painted her using Genesis paints and custom made her doe suede body based upon very young chimp babies like this one. I used multiple baby (chimp) photos to achieve her life-look. I was going to root her but while showing her off, everyone said not to. Of course that was after I had made her a fur body. So it was back to the sewing machine. That I might add was going crazy! LOL

I just thought that LuLubug was so cute (and if she wasn't I caught her kit on sale.) Hope that you enjoyed LuLubug's story as much as I did creating it!

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie www.loveisforevernursery.com