Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Okay! catch up time! lol First, I have got tons of great shots of Keanu, I used both cameras on him and they are awesome! NOW I have to figure out which ones to choose for his auction since I can't use them all (bummer) like this one. Isn't that the cutest thing?

Next, I have started my art class where you learn to use different mediums (water colors, acrylics or oils). Of course I am using acrylics and L-O-V-E IT, it's 3 hours long once a week and just passes off too fast! I have done paper canvas with pencil and pastel caulks but never painted canvas! I am doing one painting of my Felicia Renee' also my problem child I might add. I still haven't got her color the way I want it (I am the stripping queen) from a shot that I took when I thought that I liked her! LOL

My first lesson. I find my instructor Ann Croghan so very interesting, she does not include black or burnt umber in her kits, because (her words)
"it kills the color and we won't be using them". 
At that point I told her "you are telling me" (while I flashed back on little Felicia) and laughed out loud! I can't wait to learn how to mix MY OWN browns in Ethnic flesh tones. She has a Masters in art, and also a very talented artist, need I say more.
I am taking pre-shots of the canvas pieces that I am working on, so that I can see my progress. I will post it here eventually! Don't want to be premature and wear you out yet! :o) I am really wanting (biting at the bit) to learn the proper technique for hair painting. I have her and my other one an adorable little Lama with a man, so that should really be fun and a lot of hair to paint!

Now for my exciting moment! Yeaaahhhhhh!!!!! My little Tiffanie Ciara, won "Miss Baby Doll World 2010"! It was beyond disbelief because there was a lot of talent in competition. I sincerely liked that it was not a forum based voting but voters worldwide, so there was no partiality!
This is little Tiffanie:

She is the sold out limited edition "Hannah" doll kit by the wonderful artist Tamie Yarie! You can see her winning photo here! http://www.missdollworld.com/

From my heart to yours... Hugs, Judie