Monday, September 14, 2009

Well, yesterday we celebrated our 23 year of marriage! Hummm seems more like 33 years. Oh I know why! Because we have been together that long!

From my heart to yours...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Toddler, "Nicky" by Jackie Gwin

Nicky was created by the talented sculptress Jackie Gwin (from the Little Dolldream Collection)! She's too cute and she's cutting her first little teeth! I just love working on toddler babies as well. Okay, I love working on all types of babies, but what I am really excited about is that Nicky / Felicia (feh LEE sha which means happy and I think she's a very happy baby) Rena (REE nah which means reborn) is learning to stand! The first one that I have seen having the unique ability to do this! She's already had her bath and I will be doing her complexion with the very nice permanent air dry paints by LDC.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nani's had a Birthday!

Well Nani had her birthday 9/10/09 7:12 p.m., weighing in at a hefty 2lbs 11 ozs, 15 inches. Being a little premature she needed a little oxygen therapy to help her get started, but she's doing great now. She'll need lots of TLC from her mommy-to-be!

She takes her special formula really well in spite of her little sensitive tummy! She still spits up quite a bit, especially after a good burp! lol

But she sleeps good through the night in her little bassinet!

Her anatomically correct tummy plate I still haven't gotten for some reason. I hope that I can match her coloring whenever it shows up, whenever. I hope that you like her! She's definitely a little sweetie!
From my heart to yours...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Samiah is transforming into Nani

She was waiting to get rooted here.
Such a little sweetie. Now she's got hair and from my heart to yours...she's getting little Samiah now known as Nani [nah' nee] which means Beautiful or pretty in Hawaiian. I think that she is just a real cutie. She was done with genesis heat set paints. I have micro-rooted her hair with deep dark brown “curly” from “Slumberland Nurseries” and it is by far the best that I have worked with. I had developed allergic symptoms to a lot of the mohair that I have been using and liked, but her mohair bothered me very little! It’s soft and hardly any waste. She has a client for life if it continues that way! I really enjoy working on her, for several reasons! First, I love doing preemies they are such valiant little fighters. She’ll be about 15 inches when complete and I just love her little fat cheeks, she has the sweetest little face! She still has some more work but she’s got tiny little pierced ears and whenever her tummy plate arrives she’ll have an anatomically correct one! She's just so tiny and sooooo sweet, that I am going to have a hard time giving her up!

Have a very happy and safe Labor Day!