Saturday, August 29, 2009

Samiah by Tammie Yarie


I just love reborning the tiny ones! Thanks to Fab (I missed out & she sold out) I will be doing this little cutie! I have been doing my latest babies with permanent air dry paints, but I am going to do her with genesis heat set paints. She will be 15 inches with bent knees and appropriately weighing in at about 3 lbs. based on her length and the newborn growth chart. She is a ltd. ed. and I know she's going to be absolutely gorgeous. I will do updates of her progress!

Love Is Forever

This was one of my favs. meet Owen

Just adding a little while I figure this thing out!

From my heart to yours...
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Keys to a Good Artist

As professionally serious artists, we spend many countless waking hours on these babies just to bring them to this life-like quality that we desire and you want. That can take weeks to accomplish.

  • Pay close attention to past client reactions
  • look at the artist's past babies
  • If on ebay look at the feedback there
  • Study the baby (does it really catch your interest don't bid on a baby you really don't want)
  • Can you see the mouth, hands, and feet?
  • Is the hair neatly shaped & styled to fit the baby's features?
  • Look at the hair from the front, side and back of the head if you can does it look natural to you?
  • Do you see enough photos of the baby or can you request to see more?

These are only a few key hints as to what you want to look for in a professionally done reborn. There is no cut and dry way to study what catches your eye and captures your heart.